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While i was organizing my digital music, I wanted to classify things by genre, so I can listen to groups of things musically similar.
But then, I was soon limited. Categorizing the music in Electro, Rock, or Pop was too simplistic to have a real benefit in my tracks listening.

I realized that the Sex Pistols and the Misfits were Punk Rock while, musically speaking, differences existed beyond the fact that they are two different artists groups.
Thus, i looked closer upon these differences, I scoured the web looking for a guide about different musical genres, and I quickly fell on the Ishkur's guide to electronic music.




It was very informative, and very soon, it became exciting.





Genres sucks !




I was hoping to find an equivalent to the Ishkur's guide, that would gather all the known music without being restricted to the Electro. But without success.

The grouping by genres that i made on my music had become ridiculously too complicated, i only had done the artists beginning with the letter " A " and already had a hundred different genres, such as " Progressive Symphonic Gothic Rock " and other heavy extending stuff.



Therefore, no interest to be too fussy, if it's to have the majority of my gender groups with a single song in it.
After a moment, to differentiate musicality from another, we come to simply use the name of the artist or group, rather than genre labels.


Knowing that I listen to a little bit of everything, currently, my mp3's are classified in 15 main genres and 128  " sub-genres ", but the chart which i was fussing about, went much further.





The constellation chart




Soon, i found a website to design my own musical chart, in order to find my way as soon as i should have been tagging my music.
To give an example, I listen to a song, I say to myself : " It sounds like New Wave but it's not really... what is close to the New Wave ? " And at a glance, i could spot and listen to other close genres, and put a more right label over what i was hearing.


But the Bubbl website in question didn't allow me to associate sound with the chart frames, this is where I went to an offline software named Xmind.


Chart on Xmind


Whenever i wanted to, i was going on the web to read the History and influences of the Music on itself, while completing and refining my constellation.

This lasted for several years because, initially, it was not what we can call a project, but a hobby. Until the day when i wanted to talk a little about it around me, to finally want to put this research and crosschecks work, on the Internet.


Sadly Xmind didn't allow me to efficiently convert the file to a format compatible with Internet.
So I had to adapt and rebuild the thing in flash (and in better ultimately ^^).


Musical Constellation in Flash

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