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FAQ • Musical Constellation

Do you invent some genres sometimes ?

There is not a specific name for each type of music, and i never invent terms like " Grime ", " Cake Walk " or the " Hi NRG " who were born in a specific context involving not only one person, and that is part of some history.
When i try to name them, i always base myself on popular terms met several times, and on specific and approved adjectives.

What sources do you use to make this chart ?

Mainly Wikipédia, Last.FM, Rateyourmusic, Allmusic, Discogs, MusicBrainz, Youtube... and the rest of the web. ^^

Oh and the Ishkur's guide for much of the electronic music.

On which characteristics do you base to establish links between genres ?

The chart, unlike the Ishkur's guidehas no desire to make a notion of time, place or history. Everything is based on the music itself, on the musicality, on the influences that can be heard. Not on the context, the content of the lyrics or the visual style of the group or artist.

How many musical genres are there in your constellation ?

When set online, i counted 568, but there are still areas that I have not explored.
Then anyway... Music evolves every day :)

Some genre names are a bit far-fetched, right ?

I tried to established the simplest, most accurate and consise labels as possible.
If some names are a bit long, based on adjectives like " Symphonic Horror Black Metal " or " Minimalist Post Baroque ", is that I have not found anything better without having to invent illegitimate terms.

Why to put some genres complemented with adjectives like « symphonic », « progressive » or « industrial», and not doing it with others genres that do exist in this form ?

This is part of the limits i try to impose me. The goal is to avoid highlighting a genre that is not really common and is rather a particular aspect of the music of a particular artist or group of artists.
So i won't speak about Symphonic Electroclash just because there are some artists who have made a few pieces of Electroclash incorporating symphonic orchestrations.

It should also be noted that, frequently, adding an adjective or two leads, equivalently, to another genre which already exists, with a name already established by the " community ".
Such as Trance Music, which once complemented with psychedelic and sometimes mystical-folkloric sounds becomes Trance Goa, and not Folk Acid Trance or Indian Psychédelic Trance.
The Trance Goa term being a recognized conventionally used term.

Why bring genres like K-Pop if you're only based on musicality, while the K-Pop is only Pop or Crunk sung in korean ?

K-Pop has some musical particularities to its own, which differentiates it from the american or european Crunk. But to talk about C-Pop, which is highly similar to the K-Pop (except for the language), i just thought that it was wierd to bring on J-Pop, K-Pop and not their C-Pop neighboor, which also entered in the musical vocabulary.

What about the musical genre which has different names in the common musical vocabulary ?

This is something that can be noticed on the Ishkur's guide, and sometimes i happened to use these aliases to name a derivative of the genre.
Let's take the example of Disco which is also called Electro Boogie there.
I used this alias to refer to a Disco that leave aside the traditional instrumentations from the Funk and the Soul, to rely entirely on the synthesizer and drum machines.
Musically the difference can be felt, and I found it interesting to note.

So, isn't it sometimes a little exaggerated to make a difference on... so little difference to the ear ?

The thing that is for sure is that i often see debates and disagreements on musical genres around, including in Youtube comments. And this constellation chart is not there to get everyone to agree, on the contrary.
I do it mostly by feeling and with my modest musical culture. Being not a musician myself, surely some will see errors or aberrations, and i also hope to get feedbacks on that.

Don't you think that labels are useless and that we must enjoy the music for what it is ?

I agree on the fact that the music itself is more important than knowing to what kind it belongs, but this chart remains a chart, and it's primary function is to inform and, in the best case, to make discover and appreciate unsuspected neighboring musicality.
I think it is a good way to expand his world and his musical tastes; while moving gradually, advancing from genre to genre.

And I speak knowingly.  

Your english sucks.

Sorry, french is my first language ^^



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